Week of May 28th

Monday – Feta and spinach stuffed turkey burgers with grilled squash and sweet potato fries  Tuesday – Parmesan crusted pork chops with roasted brussel sprouts and bacon! This is the 2nd time I’ve made the pork chop recipe and both times the chops didn’t need the 30 minutes of cooking time like listed. Good thing…… Continue reading Week of May 28th

Week of May 15th 

Monday – Baked pesto chicken with caprese salad – I followed this recipe, but used breadcrumbs instead of almond meal Tuesday – Taco salad – Besides this dish being tasty, it’s also a one pot dish!  Wednesday – Blackened salmon with tomato, avocado, and corn salsa  – The smoky char from the blackened salmon adds…… Continue reading Week of May 15th 

Week of April 30th 

Monday – Pesto pasta with fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. This recipe is so easy and is a perfect dinner for busy nights! Pesto is a great sauce to keep on hand. You can either buy it from the store or make ahead of time and freeze it! Click here for my pesto recipe] I…… Continue reading Week of April 30th 

Week of April 9th 

Monday – Stir fry with quinoa, broccoli, and salmon.  I used a cup of frozen broccoli instead of snap peas, cooking it on the stove top over medium high heat until soft.  Tuesday – Pork chops with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Wednesday – Chicken fajitas. I cooked one pound of chicken breasts and used half for…… Continue reading Week of April 9th 

Family friendly meals for baby

Since my son was born, I’ve always been concerned about his food!  Is he eating enough?  Eating too much?  When should he start solids?  Should I skip rice cereal?  Suffer through breastfeeding or start formula?  It’s exhausting and reading articles on the internet is no help because everyone says something different.  It took a while…… Continue reading Family friendly meals for baby

Meal plan week of March 19th 

Monday – Noodles and pork – This recipe calls for almond butter, which I didn’t have, so I used peanut butter instead.  Cooked up a pork tenderloin on Sunday night and used half with this recipe and the other half for Thursday’s dinner. Tuesday – Velveeta crockpot mac and cheese –  Mac and cheese is one of my…… Continue reading Meal plan week of March 19th