Family friendly meals for baby

Since my son was born, I’ve always been concerned about his food!  Is he eating enough?  Eating too much?  When should he start solids?  Should I skip rice cereal?  Suffer through breastfeeding or start formula?  It’s exhausting and reading articles on the internet is no help because everyone says something different.  It took a while to figure out (and I’m still learning with every new stage), but eventually I learned my son has all the answers.  If he opens his mouth, feed him.  I started solid foods around 4.5 months because he was up to 40 oz of formula!  I did start with rice and quickly expanded to different fruits and veggies.  I’ve made all my own baby food and had a lot of fun figuring out combinations!  Now that he’s almost 11 months, I’ve started to increase his finger foods.  I started searching for recipes that my husband and I like, but also include ingredients my son can eat! 

Family friendly meals for baby

  1. Crockpot chicken noodle soup – Put the following items into the crockpot: 6 cups chicken stock, 2 cups water, 2-3 diced carrots (peeled) and celery sticks, 1-2 cups diced rotisserie chicken, mini meatballs, 2 bay leafs, salt and pepper to taste. Cook on low for 6 hours. Add 1 bag of egg noodles and cook until tender.
  2. Pasta and meatballs with homemade sauce – I made rotini for my son, overcooked by 5 minutes to make sure it was very soft and tender. I cut it into bite size pieces for him and he went to town!  I didn’t add the red sauce, but drizzled olive oil instead.  For another variation, I’ve added peas and carrots that simmered for 20 minutes on the stove, then mashed/cut them into smaller pieces and added to the pasta. 
  3. Veggie enchilada casserole – This recipe is packed with vegetables and since you bake it, they are all soft!  I gave my son mashed up black beans and spiralized carrots. 
  4. White bean soup – So far, this is one of my favorite family friendly meals! Not only is it easy and fast to make, but there is also little to clean up – one cutting board, one knife, and one pot gets me all the ingredients my son can eat!! Time for a victory dance! After the soup simmered for 15 minutes, I sliced the carrot and chicken into small pieces for him, mashed the white beans and put everything on his highchair tray! 
  5. Crockpot chicken taco bowl – This is another perfect meal for the family. The chicken is already shredded, so all you need to do is scoop and give to your little one. I gave my son shredded chicken and black beans served over brown rice.
  6. Fish tacos – The fish is seared on a cast iron skillet, not fried, making it flaky and soft, perfect for those little teeth!
  7. Chicken minestrone soup – Your baby will love everything in this soup. Just cut into bite size pieces and it makes great finger foods!

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