Week of September 27th

   Monday-Pesto pasta. Simple just like it sounds. Click here for my pesto recipe  Tuesday-Quinoa fried rice. I love making fried rice with quinoa; it’s more healthy and it’s great warm or cold.  Wednesday-Baked chicken drumsticks with zucchini and baby carrots. A one pot wonder. The chicken cooks first, then you add the vegetables.  Thursday-Beef…… Continue reading Week of September 27th

Week of Sepemter 20th 

   Monday-Chicken fajitas!  I didn’t follow a recipe because I cheated a little!  I bought a frozen packet of onions and peppers from Trader Joe’s. I poured half the bag into a skillet and cooked it on medium heat until charred, about 10 mintues.  For the chicken, I bought a package of chicken cutlets and…… Continue reading Week of Sepemter 20th 

Week of September 13th 

   Monday- Rotisserie chicken with mac and cheese plus grilled squash and zucchini. We needed a fast dinner, so rotisserie chicken to the rescue.  Plus I used some of the left over chicken to make chicken salad for lunch later in the week! Tuesday- Quinoa enchilada bake from Skinnytaste! One of my favorites!  Wednesday- Chicken…… Continue reading Week of September 13th