Easter Brunch Ideas

Next weekend is Easter and for those who will be hosting an Easter Brunch or attending an Easter celebration, I put together a variety of brunch ideas.  These recipes feature some of my favorite brunch foods like deviled eggs and honey ham.  And of course you can’t forget about the drinks!  Click on the link…… Continue reading Easter Brunch Ideas

The best week of the year

The third week of March is my favorite week of the year for two reasons.  1. St. Patrick’s day and 2. MARCH MADNESS.  I don’t watch much college basketball during the season, but I am obsessed with March Madness.  Obsessed to the point where I always have a highlighter on me, ready to go! Such…… Continue reading The best week of the year

Hearty meals…will winter ever end?

Today we change the clocks ahead one hour, which should signal spring is on it’s way! YAYY!  YIPPIE!  But yet I still see three feet of snow outside my window!  So this week we’re having a few hearty meals aka soups to warm us up. This week there were some good sales at the food…… Continue reading Hearty meals…will winter ever end?